Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No Harm, No Foul?

Christi, Parker, Taylor and I are in my office planning out the next few days.  Jesi walks in, comes around my desk, and leans on the arm of my office chair.  (As I mentioned a few posts ago, my kids love to share my personal space with me.  Aren't I lucky?:)  She looks across me and directly at Christi.  We were all in a matter-of-fact kind of organizational mode, and my sweet wife maintained that demeanor as she addressed Jess:  "Go wash your glasses.  They're so dirty I can't stand to look at you."  Realizing how harsh that might have sounded, she quickly tacked on a very sincere addendum:  "I mean, it makes me so sad to think of you having to look through them that way!"

Jesi started to walk out of the office and in her hilariously serious 10-year-old way remarked, "Well.  That was a little offensive."

We all busted up laughing, and Jesi enjoyed having been the cause of our smiles.


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  1. I totally relate to Christianne's disgust. As a special ed school bus driver this past year, I made it a point, before departing the school for the children's homes, to always wash the glasses of two of the elementary school children, who seemed to always have very dirty lenses. After a few times of my providing this service, the children would remind me if I didn't bring it up. They made it very clear that the cleaning made a big difference. (Just one of the many satisfactions I have enjoyed as a school bus driver. I personally wash my own glasses every morning at the same time I brush my teeth, a lifelong habit that has served me well.)


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