Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Simple Faith

Christi and I are talking in my office and Sophi, as usual, is Christi's sidekick.  Soph follows Christi pretty much everywhere.  Out of the blue Sophi asks, "How does Jesus build us?"  This opens up a sweet, if very general, conversation about our bodies and where they come from.  I love the faith in that simple question.  Sophi knows that God created the world and that He has a love for and interest in each of us.  She know that He is aware of her body and that He oversaw the creation of it.  She accepts the challenges that come along with her particular special needs and loves the Lord for the things He has given her, rather than be frustrated at the apparent obstacles that may not have been removed from her path.

I love that girl.  She brings so much joy to our home.



  1. That is such a sweet example of faith. And I love the way she phrased the question!

  2. I thought Sophi would like to watch this video!!


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