Thursday, November 13, 2014

Haden update and precious Luke

I am sniffling and sneezing and aching and wanting my bed, but I figured that this post was more important than my beauty rest.  (:  First of all, I am blown away by the tremendous response we've had so far to Haden's fundraiser.  We have received close to $3,000 in donations in about 30 hours!  It is such a beautiful thing to watch.  I am so grateful for every single dollar that has been donated and for every person who has shared the fundraiser.  Thank you all so much!  Please continue to share and donate as you feel led!  (:
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As I peruse the sweet children waiting to be adopted, my heart is definitely pricked by some more than others.  Sweet little Luke has recently done this to me!  Doesn't he remind you of someone?
Luke at his orphanage
Sophi at her orphanage

Practically twins at that age-- in fact, his birthday is just one day apart from hers! (She's three years older.)  I have to tell a cute little story about Luke.  Sophi calls her little "shoulders" her "nubbies."  This is because of Tisha Unarmed-- Sophi's favorite youtube sensation and personal friend (Tisha has skyped with Sophi and was ever so sweet with her.)  When Sophi saw this picture of Luke without his shirt on, she looked very confused and exclaimed, "Oh!  Is that what boy nubbies look like?"  Ha!  She then said, "I like my girl nubbies better."  I was glad for that last statement because I thought she might be jealous that he had the starts of arms-- a fact that I'm sure will be an asset to him.  (:

So tonight I'm going to leave you with little Luke's profile.  Surely there is someone out there that needs a "Sophi" in their life!  (Sophi calls any kid without arms a "Sophi.")  He even has a leg discrepancy like her.  What a little rock star!

Luke, born in September 2012, is now an absolutely adorable 2-year-old! Despite his physical limitations, he is creative and persistent. It is amazing what Luke has been able to accomplish; can you imagine what he could do with the support of his forever family?
On an early September day in 2012, police received a report that there was a male baby left on the back road to a local temple. After an unsuccessful search for his birth parents, Luke was taken to the orphanage. His initial physical notes say he was 1 day old and was missing his upper limbs and had a club foot. Even at such a young age, it was also noted that he was in good spirits.
Luke has spent his first 2 years in an orphanage.  Under their watchful care, he has developed well physically and intellectually. At three months, he could roll over, track objects with his eyes and make babbling sounds. At 5 months, he could control his head well, laugh loudly, and loved to look around. At 8 months old, he could crawl, knew his name, and could understand facial expressions. Luke is an active, restless little guy who loves to be cuddled and has a great little smile!
The official diagnosis for Luke is missing forearms, shortening of the left lower limb, left little toe deformity and spina bifida occulta. In a September 2014 update, his caregivers say Luke can sit without support, crawl, and stand with support. He loves colorful, sound-making toys. He uses his arm and foot to hold a bottle. He also uses his neck and shoulder to hold an object. Luke can use his feet to play with a toy and pinch his food. He can even use his forearm to wipe his own tears. But you know, he really should have a mama and baba to do that for him!

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  1. 4000 !!! it is incredible !
    So excited for Haden !

  2. I love Tisha Unarmed's videos, just watching how she does everything a person with 2 arms does is so inspiring. It would be cool to see Sophi guest star with her in a video.


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