Monday, December 1, 2014

Haden update and three more angels!

First off, my apologies!  I've had several people email me wanting to know the status of Haden.  I'm so sorry I'm just now sharing.  Life has been incredibly busy-- but even more than that, I've been waiting to find out more information before I posted and it's been a little tricky…

I told you that we had friends who wanted to adopt Haden but finances were standing in the way.  I also told you there was another family interested.  Both of these families are already in the process of adopting girls from China and both have been doing all they can to save and raise money for those adoptions.  Well, the first family I spoke of (the ones we are friends with) are not going forward with Haden's adoption.  They have spent a LOT of time in prayer and don't feel like they have the answer to move forward.  The other family went to their agency three weeks ago asking to adopt Haden.  This particular agency is very careful/wary about letting families adopt two at once.  Unfortunately, they are also very SLOW.  We keep thinking that this family is going to get their final answer and then the agency comes back with more questions and no answers.  Last week the family was given a final set of essay questions to fill out.  Those will be turned in today and they should have a final answer very soon.  Time is running out and they need to be proceeding NOW if they are to make it work, so please pray that this agency can answer in a more timely manner than they have been recently.  If this family is turned down, Haden does still have one last hope.  There is another family who recently returned from adopting in China who would also love to bring him home!  I have been in touch with them and they are just waiting to see if the other family gets a "yes."    There would have to be some pretty good size miracles happen in order for them to pull it off time-wise, but we know that our Father in Heaven is a God of miracles.  So we continue to pray that somehow, one of these families will be bringing Haden home.

Int he meantime, I have extended Haden's fundraiser until Christmas.  I did this at the request of the family who is trying to adopt him so that if they get the go-ahead, they can inform their friends and family and be able to direct them to the site.  I want to tell you how extremely grateful this family has been to know that there are funds to help them make this whole thing possible.  They have worked hard to raise money for their current adoption.  They have baked up a storm, sewn quilts, etc… all to help bring their daughter home.  Because of the generous donations so many people have made and the fact that the orphanage has waived their fee for Haden, finances will not stop them from being Haden's family.  What a beautiful thing!  And if their agency does turn them down, the money in Haden's fund will bless the other family who wants to try.  So once again, THANK YOU for your generosity.  And I promise to keep you posted as soon as I know anything more!!

It's December, which means we're going to go back to blogging more about our family (it's our way of keeping a journal) and less about adoption advocacy.  But since I missed so many days in November, I'm going to close this post with three more beautiful kiddos.  (:  As always, if you want more info, please let me know!  There are so many children who desperately want families!!!!!!!!!      

Meet Joseph:

Oh man, this kid has my heart!  He is perfect.   There are some photos where he looks so much like Xander it's just crazy!  Please, someone see him!

Meet Andy:

Andy has KT Syndrome-- which is what Xander was initially diagnosed with.  Their legs and feet look similar.  PEOPLE!  KT Syndrome does not make him less deserving of a family!  It's a need that will most likely NOT take a lot of extra time and he is worth it!!!!

Meet Yi:

Like Cali, Yi has spina bifida.  This is what her orphanage had to say about her:  

Yi is a very shy and bashful little girl. She is affectionate towards those she knows well, and Yi is very well behaved. She loves to watch people, cars, and animals in the neighborhood outside of the orphanage. Because of Xuan Yi’s spina bifida, her lower limbs are paralyzed. Yi can say simple sentences and words. She is a fast learning! Yi loves to play with others, and is extremely clever and well behaved. We hope this smart and beautiful little Yi finds her home!


  1. Thank you for the time you give for the orphans.

  2. Perhaps you should put a link to Haden's account at each new post.
    Now you have to go back to look for it ;)

  3. You may already know this, but I emailed LWB to inquire about Joseph and learned today, 1/17 that Joseph has been matched with a family! Praise God!!!! Another beautiful praise report! Now for the other 2 angels to find their family!

    1. Thank you so much for the update. We were unaware. So happy for him!!!

  4. Hi, I think I may have met Xuan Yi.. could you possibly tell me more about her and where she is now?

    1. Please I have been praying for her since Summer 2013.


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