Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Disney!

Sophi took many selfies on the trip down.  We'll just share one of them:)

We stayed overnight in St. George.  Christi's sister has a wonderful mother- and father-in-law who let us crash at their house.  They have a great dress-up selection for their grandkids:)

The Tower of Terror lives up to its name:

After a couple of times on the same ride, you get to know when the pictures are taken.  Love the poses!

Nice, Park!

A Bug's Life kiddie rides:

Up in Tarzan's treehouse.  It's crazy to think these boys first came here at ages 1 and 2!

If you take selfies on Dad's phone, know that they may end up on the blog:)

Taylor's favorite Disney food has always been the pretzels:)

On the Carousel:

Somehow Parker always manages to situate himself next to the pretty princesses.  Hmmm...  Coincidence?  I think not!

Lots of pumpkins at Disney in October!

Lunch with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto:

Way too cool!

At Duke's restaurant in Huntington Beach.  You don't go away hungry!

Conner's (and Dad's!) favorite Disney food:  The turkey leg.

Good-bye Disneyland!  We'll miss you!  Hope to visit again!!!

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  1. Man, you guys are a good-looking family! It's so fun to share in your adventures.


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