Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spy Kids

Graci is a fantastic big sister.  She plays so many games with her siblings.  She tells stories and plays make-believe and is basically a best friend to Sophi, Lexi, Jesi, and Xander.  They all love her so much.  One of the games that she and Jessica play is "Spy."  Both of these girls tend to be a bit camera shy (Jesi, sadly, is learning that particular trait from Grace:(, so getting footage of them playing this game was quite the feat.  I had to stand in the kitchen and pretend I was talking on my phone while I was actually taking video.  That's why the camera is sometimes at an angle.

My favorite quote is this (starting at about 35 seconds):

Graci:  "J07"

Jessica:  "Copy"

Graci:  "Um, the butterfly is landing."

Jessica:  "K"

Graci:  "That"

AWESOME spy code!



  1. My favorite part would have to be Spy Graci taking time out of her busy spy duties to check herself out in the mirror and arrange things to look more beautiful!

  2. Check out Humans of New York for the day of March 12th! Today a girl was featured who looked just like Calli. She is also in a wheel chair and from China.


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