Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mouths to Feed

We can always count on our kids to remind us if we're running short on food.  Parker lets us know if we're running low on 1% milk.  Graci always lets us know when we need more fruit.  Taylor alerts us if the peanut butter is almost gone.  Cali can't survive without almond milk.  And of course several of our kids are frequently pining for more Chinese food.

Today I walked into an ambush.  As I entered the living room, Graci and Xander started chanting "We declare more food!!!"  This particular time they were basing their revolutionary tactics on the lack of Asian food in the house.  They 'declared' it a couple of times, then Xander added, "and we have pitchforks and torches!!!"  Fortunately I was spared their wrath by the fact that they both burst into giggles after this comment.

Graci is SO amazing with her siblings.  She is always playing with them and taking time to share her imaginative play acting with them.  Graci, you are AWESOME!

Here is Xander demonstrating his "pitchfork and torches" look:

I told him that when he wears this "muscle shirt," I have to call it a "bone shirt" instead;)


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