Sunday, April 12, 2015

Road Trip with Dad

Last month I had to go to Cedar City for work.  Six of the kids wanted to come with me, so we loaded up and headed down the freeway.  After my work appointment, we got to go to dinner at Chili's, watch the new Cinderella, and go swimming at the hotel pool.  What an adventure!

Sophi found out she can stand up by herself (and jump and dance!) in the shallow end of the pool.  Way to go, girl!!!

 On the way back home we took a short detour to Richfield and went to see Grandma Larsen.  I was talking to Grandma in the kitchen and suddenly noticed that the house had gone completely silent.  Our family does not do completely silent!  We couldn't find the kids in the house, so we ventured outside, only to find all of them, including Cali!, up in a tree.

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  1. That is a fun adventure. Cali, I am proud of you for getting up into the tree!


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