Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Old for her age?

Today was a CRAZY day.  For starters, six of our kids left for multi-night activities.  Taylor, Parker, Graci and Cali are at a church youth conference at Bear Lake.  They'll come back Friday afternoon.  Lexi and Conner are at a braille camp and will return on Thursday.  I had to leave for work at 6:30am, Christi had to take the braille camp kids at 7:15am, and the other four had to be at church at 8:00 am. It's a short drive to the church, but too far to walk, so we had to arrange for them to be picked up.  (It was hard to not be there when they left on such a long trip:(

This afternoon we got a call from some friends who are moving.  We had been planning on helping them some today, but things had changed, and instead of having a day or two to get everything out, it had to be out by tonight.  So we spent quite awhile with them, loading and unloading, transferring food from the old fridge to the new, removing brackets from walls, etc.  We also had their daughter Erin come play with Jesi and Sophi.  Our girls loved it, and it freed up our friends to focus more on the move.  Later in the evening, Christi's sister, Leslie, and her family came over.  They're staying the night.  We all stayed up late, adults talking in the great room.  Boys upstairs playing games.  Girls in Jessica's room doing makeovers.

I finally took Erin to their interim apartment and helped unload the last U-Haul load.  By the time we finished it was after midnight.  Sophi and Jesi came with me to drop Erin off.  As we were driving away from the apartment, Jessica turned on the radio.  Sophi (never shy or quiet) pipes up from the back seat:

"Can you turn on talk radio?"

Me:  "What?!?"

Soph:  "Can you turn on talk radio?"

Me:  "Talk radio?!?!?  (she's 7!)

Sophi:  "Yes."

Me:  "Why talk radio?"

Sophi:  "It calms me."

OK.  Didn't see that one coming.  I asked her if she wanted sports talk radio and she enthusiastically said, "Sports!  Yes!!!"  It's fun to have one daughter who likes to watch sports with me.  Hopefully that continues for years to come, sweet Sophi:)



  1. I can hardly wait to introduce Sophi to Prager University and Dennis Prager, my favorite talk show host! (Dennis adores little children, especially if they are precocious.) And, by the way, I believe that Sophi is still only six. What a smart little doll!

  2. That is too funny. If sports talk radio calms her, just turn on NPR...she'll fall asleep!

  3. We are sooo very thankful for your help and the help of your family on a day that we couldn't do it all ourselves! Thank you for taking time for us on an already-busy day! We love you!!!


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