Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cute Quotes

Sophi has never seen Disney's "Tarzan," and she asked Christi about it.  Christi explained that Tarzan and his parents lived in the jungle, but Tarzan's parents died.  After that, a mommy ape came and adopted Tarzan and took care of him.

Sophi:  "Oh, like we were adopted."

Xander:  "But with a lot less paperwork!"


Cali, Graci and I were on a daddy date yesterday at Lagoon.  We noticed a girl working there who had a leg discrepancy.  She did just fine, but, much like Sophi, her body went up and down a bit as she walked.  After we got home, I was putting Sophi's shoes on.  One of them has about a 5-inch lift to help her walk evenly.  

Me:  "Sophi, today we saw a girl at Lagoon whose legs are like yours!  One is longer than the other."

Sophi:  "Does she have arms?

Me:  "Yes, but her legs are like yours."

Sophi:  "Oh.  She uses her toes to do everything?"

Me:  "No..."

Sophi (interrupting me):  "She can do the splits?"

Me:  "No.  When she stands, she has to bend one leg or stand on her tippy toes on the other leg."

Sophi:  "Oh."

I love to get little glimpses into my kids minds, especially the younger ones.  It's cute to see what popped into Sophi's head when I told her I met someone like her.

After I got Sophi's shoes on, she and I went on a walk.  I pushed Elli in the stroller and Molly came along, but Sophi and I were able to have a great conversation.  She is such an incredible little girl.  She talked mostly about her plans for the future.  She wants to go to every school in the world because she loves learning things, particularly things about animals.  (By every school, she means elementary, jr. high, high school and college:)  She wants to be a mom and a doctor and several other things.  I am excited to see how her life unfolds.  

Taylor and Parker were outside as we started on our walk, and Sophi went up and gave Parker a great big hug.  I was struck by how tremendously blessed our family is to have Sophi in our midst.  And how lucky Sophi is to have such wonderful older siblings.  

"As arrows are in the hands of a mighty man, so are children of the youth.  Happy is the man who hath his quiver full of them."   Psalms 127: 4-5



  1. One of the compensations of getting old is the opportunity to see the lives of your children . . . and grandchildren . . . unfold. For example, I knew that you, Jeremy, were an exceptional child, but I never dreamed that you would grown into such an appreciative father.

  2. As always, simply hilarious! I never noticed a difference in the length of Sophi's legs. Then again, it took me months before I noticed that my fencing instructor was missing 2.5 fingers on one hand. Sophi seems to get around just fine and I loved the video from last year for her kindergarten class. Is bone lengthening surgery/treatment (distractor) an option for her? They did this on my daughter's skull, but the technology began with the long bones.

  3. My cousin was born with a length discrepancy and had her knee fused shortly after birth. Somehow, even though I had two perfectly "normal" legs, and she had the discrepancy and was constantly weighed down by Ilizarov apparatuses to lengthen her leg, she was always able to run faster and longer than me! Is lengthening something that will be an option for Sophi?

    1. There may be some options to surgically even out the length of her legs. The concern is, these surgeries risk decreasing the dexterity in her feet and toes. For most people with a leg discrepancy, toe dexterity is not huge issue. But for Sophi, it is a major thing to consider!

  4. I like how quick you are on the draw, Xander. You are a fun kid to be around! Sophi, as ever, you amaze me!


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