Monday, October 5, 2015

Parker Matthew

Parker, Parker, Parker.  What can I say? We have one AMAZING son!  So talented, fun, handsome, super smart, hard-working, athletic, spiritual, funny, and sweet.   His vibrant hair matches his big personality.  This guy is going places!!!!

Parker had a great summer.  For the first time, he went away on his own for five days to attend AFY (Adventures for Youth) and had the time of his life.  He came home with wonderful stories and testimony and new-found friends.  It was such an incredible experience for him.  He also attended BYU basketball camp, high adventure, youth conference and some fun bball tournaments.  He works hard to earn the money for these neat opportunities and we're so glad he has had them!

It has been awesome to watch Parker grow and mature into such a handsome young man.  He's always been a social butterfly and watching him as a teenager is just plain fun.  He's survived his first broken heart, has a million girls that like him (and he likes them!) and is such a good friend.  Everyone likes Parker.  If you really want to get a sense of the kind of guy he is, you can watch this video.  Sophi wanted him to write her a song, and he delivered in such a special way.  He has always been the most incredible, thoughtful brother.  Parker, you are amazing!  We love you so much!!!!

Youth conference

Parker carried his team to the championships!

Jr. High champs in their division!

Super league

Our annual get-away date!  Two nights just with these two handsome guys= one lucky mom!

Holding his niece, Violet.  We're loving the red hair!!!

Off to Lone Peak!

More bball tournaments-- first place!

Off to Homecoming!  I love that here, the kids don't feel like they need to take dates to go to big school dances.
 So much fun!

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  1. Parker, that song was amazing! You sounded and played so well and the twist you did on the words was so clever. I am awed! Sophi is so lucky to have you as a big brother! (And she is lucky to have Taylor, Conner, and Xander, too...but this post is about YOU!) And you're so stinkin' cute...someone got lucky when they were handing out the talents and gifts!


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