Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fun conversations...

I drove Conner, Lexi and Sophi home from the basketball game last night.  In those 6-7 minutes Conner's cuteness made me smile over and over.

Sophi:  Mom, why can Conner have another piece of pizza when we get home and I have to go to bed?

Me:  Because Conner is older and doesn't need as much sleep as you do.

Conner:  Sophi!  You don't want to eat right before bed because you are a girl and you will get fat!  Me, I want to get fat.  It is my wish.

Me:  Your wish is to get fat?

Conner:  (very sincerely) Yes!  To get fat and get a girlfriend!


Conner:  I very like Skylee.  She is so cute.  I very want to have a daughter like her.  I want lots of daughters because girls are very good.

Sophi:  I want sons and daughters.

Lexi:  Me too.

Sophi:  I want 18 kids.

Conner:  18!!!!!  That is too many!!   That is too hard to take care of.  You should have maybe 10 or less.  I want to have maybe four.

Lexi:  I want 8 kids!

Me:  I want 10 kids!  Wait, I have 10 kids!!  I got my wish!!!  (lots of giggles) But did you know that when Dad and I were dating, I didn't want 10 kids?  He wanted 8 and I said maybe that was too many.  
So we kind of fought about it.  (Backpedaling...) Well, not really fought about it.  Just argued about it.  (Backpedaling again) I mean talked about it.  It wasn't a fight.

Conner:  Yes, Sophi, like when someone thinks one thing is right and another person thinks they are right and you just talk about it.

Me:  Yes, Dad and I don't fight.  We disagree sometimes.  But we don't yell at each other.

Conner:  (in earnest admiration) Yes!  You are right.  I never hear you fight.  Dad is a very good man.  Crazy, but very good.

Ha!  I love those cute kids of mine....


  1. What a learning experience these kinds of conversations are. (I am amazed at Conner's growth in speaking English and his innocent candor with his family.) So often nowadays, parents and their children are so glued to their electronic devices that honest, insightful conversation rarely takes place among them. I am so grateful for the excellent example you and Jeremy are--in more ways than one--to my grandchildren.

  2. I love your cute conversations!!! And I love your cute kids too!!! Oh, and I love you too!!!


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