Friday, February 26, 2016


Over the years, Christi has helped all of our kids (except Elli) do a homework project on their ancestors.  A favorite subject of this project is Christoffer Larsen, our kids' great great grandfather on Christi's side.  Born in Norway in 1875, Christoffer picked berries to help earn money for his family to immigrate to America.  I find it really quite wonderful to watch our kids learn about their heritage.  I find it especially great that our adopted kids have both their biological heritage in China and an adoptive heritage from many countries in Europe.

Sophi did a great job presenting her project at school!  Here is our proud little girl:

This is Christoffer Larsen and his wife Lily:

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  1. Their picture is just how I remember them. They were so sweet and so humble!! Sophi, they would be so very proud of you!!! Great job!!!


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