Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Growing Up

There are so many and varied emotions as you watch your kids grow up.  It is an amazing thing to see them become more and more mature, making weighty decisions, thinking about and planning for life as an adult, growing into big, strong bodies.  It is humbling and exciting and scary to watch them grow.  It's also painfully, tragically sad to look back at the pictures of them when they were so little.  When you (as parents) were their whole world.  One of the things that can vividly bring to remembrance the days when they were small is looking at things they used to wear.  Going through a box of 3-year-old clothing can really tug at the heart strings.

One particularly meaningful item of clothing in our family is a pair of flip-flops we bought for Taylor when he was two or three.  When we bought them, they had little palm trees on them, now long since worn away.  These flip flops went through Taylor, Parker, Jessica and Sophi.  Amazingly, they are still wearable and still here.  Hard to believe we never lost one of them.

Last year Christi was going through some old things and getting rid of stuff we didn't need any longer.  She called me down to look at some of the clothes for one last walk down memory lane before we discarded them.  Little striped shirts and jeans and jammies were hard to say good bye to.  But we both had the most difficult time with this pair of flip flops.  I decided to surprise Christi by framing them:).  Hard to believe these once belonged to our 6'4" basketball star!


  1. Oh, man! Those little guys were so cute...are so cute!

  2. I know it is so strange! One minute they are babies and the next they are soon to be men.

  3. This post really hit home for me as our son is almost 7 and seems to need his Mommy less and less these days. All day snuggles turn into quick hugs as they run off to school. Makes me so sad! What a nice thing to do for your wife, framing those flip flops! I bet the palm trees were cool, but the worn colors look intentional!

  4. Precious!!!!!!!! It's also amazing to watch your children as parents of these wonderful maturing grandchildren!! Just wait!!

  5. I totally remember those flip flops!!


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