Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hiking in 2015

I love to hike!  This past summer I went on several hikes, covering around 50 miles and over 12000 feet of elevation gain.  Some by myself, some with others, including Xander, Taylor, Parker, my brother Tyler, and Molly.  I will miss Molly this year.  She was a great hiking companion.  Here are some pics:)

First hike of the season, Xander, Molly and visited a waterfall in Salt Lake county.  Beautiful spot!

Molly and I took on the most difficult hike I think I've ever done.  It's up American Fork Canyon.  We started at around 7,200 feet at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, hiked up to two mountain lakes, Silver Lake and Silver Glance Lake and then made it to the top of Red Baldy, about at 11,200 feet .  Nine miles round trip and 4000 feet elevation gain.  Awesome!!!

Tyler, Molly, and I made it to the top of Squaw Peak, about 3000 feet above Provo and BYU below:

Taylor and Parker joined a mission friend of mine, Mike Dorius, and his daughter Allison on a hike up Angel's Landing.  My phone was almost dead, so I just got one picture:

Taylor, Parker, Tyler, Molly and I went on a big hike with a couple of the young men leaders from our church.  We got to the top of a 10,000 foot peak in Pleasant Grove, Big Baldy.  On the way down we cooled off in Battle Creek Falls:

I did a couple more by myself.  Kanarra Creek Falls near Cedar City, UT is a gorgeous slot canyon.  I had to do some creek walking and climb some rather tenuous ladders along the way:)

Lake Blanche is up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake.  It was the last weekend before snow, so the trees are rather bare.  I saw three moose on this hike.  Fun!

Looking forward to revisiting some of these spots and finding some new ones in 2016!  Of course we also visited Lone Peak and did our Fall Break southern Utah trip with my dad.  I'll blog those in separate posts:)



  1. Those amazing views make all the work worth it! Or so I'm assuming, having never hiked much more than Multnomah Falls myself...

  2. This has nothing to do with hiking. I just learned of a 14 year old boy in China who needs a family ASAP and sounds perfect for your family. He is blind and plays the piano. His birthday is in July. More info on The Blessing of Verity blog.

  3. You'll miss Molly this year? Has something happened? :(

  4. Oh no! I re-read the last several posts because I thought I must have missed something. If something happened, I am so so sorry for your loss. =(

  5. Jeremy, I wish I had your energy!!! The pics are so amazing!! I think it's awesome that you love to hike!! I think you and the boys should hike across the Grand Canyon sometime! Just ask Christi about that!!!

    1. I would love to hike the Grand Canyon! Christi has very fond memories of those trips:)

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