Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Right Footed: Watch the Movie!

Back in November, Sophi and I went on the best daddy date ever!  The two of us had an amazing time at the Napa Valley Film Festival, but what was clearly the highlight of the trip was the opportunity for Sophi to meet Jessica Cox.  Meeting another person born without arms was truly a life-changing experience for Soph.  Our sweet little girl was able to see what great things are in store for her as she grows up and gets to experience more and more of the world.  We are so grateful to Jessica Cox for sharing her time and encouragement with Sophi.

The movie Right Footed is a fantastic look at some of the things that have made Jessica such an inspiration to many people around the world.  It is an emotional and uplifting journey and is a movie that everyone could benefit from seeing.  It is now on a platform called Tugg that allows people around the country to host a local screening.  It's a pretty simple process, with no financial commitment from the host.  To learn more about it, watch this quick video:  Right Footed on Tugg.

Sophi and I would highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to see just how much potential every one of us has, and how a positive attitude, perseverance and hard work can help all of us overcome the challenges in our lives:)


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