Thursday, August 11, 2016

Family Picture

We haven't had professional pictures taken since 2013 and we really hadn't even taken a good family photo of all of us since we got back with Conner two years ago.  So a few weeks ago we stood in front of our garage and took a family photo.  I think it turned out remarkably well for an amateur shot.  This was right after church, but you can see that we had already changed Elli into her Houdini jammies:)


  1. I believe that the sunshine sidelight reflecting off your light-colored concrete driveway and onto your faces lent a professional quality to the photo. Also, whoever snapped it did a great job of composition, not to mention evoking great smiles from the subjects--a tough job, considering the large number. Great job, and a beautiful record for the ages.

  2. Nice photography, Leslie!!!! We love our photos, too. Thanks so much!!

  3. That turned out great! You all look so happy! I'll have to print it for my fridge. :)


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