Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lots of Teenagers!

We have a lot of teenagers.  Six, to be exact.  Five of them are 16 or older.  All five of these were on dates last weekend.  How fun is that!  They really have great friends.  Cali went to the Herriman High prom and the rest of them went to Providence Hall Sadie's.  The highlight of these dates was Conner's first time being asked to a girl's choice dance.  Robyn, a fantastic girl our family loves, asked him to the Disney-themed dance.  They went in the same group as Parker and his date.  Conner and Robyn were lost boys, Parker and his date were Peter Pan and Wendy.  Fun night!

Here is Conner's date asking him:

And here is Conner saying "Yes!"


  1. What a fun dance theme! It looks like a great group of kids. Cali looks so beautiful and that dress!!!

  2. Oh, and Conner's date has to be the coolest girl on the planet...asking him in Braille! That was such a great video.

  3. Callie! <3 Oh, if China could see her now.


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