Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Family Night with the Greens:)

Every Monday night our family gathers for an evening together.  It is something our church has advocated for years, and it something the kids really look forward to each week.  (Admittedly, the older they get, the less they look forward to it.  But honestly, even the older kids usually enjoy it and they are always really good sports about it!)  We open with a song and a prayer, we have a lesson and an activity and a treat and close with another song and prayer.  Sometimes the activities are really short, sometimes we go to a park or a movie.  But it really is nice to have a night where everyone knows we will be spending time together as a family.

Yesterday had been a hard day at work and I really wanted an activity that would take my mind off of those stresses.  So I came up with this: anyone who wanted to could put their name in a hat.  (Those who did not want to participate just watched the hilarity:)  We would draw one name as the winner, who would then get to spray one of the other people with the hose for 12 seconds.  But we wouldn't know who was going to get sprayed until the water hit us.

Parker won the draw and the rest of the brave souls (Lexi, Sophi, Xander, Jesi, Christi, Taylor and me) lined up in the back yard.  Parker walked back and forth behind us, sometimes squirting the water near us, to ramp up the tension.  At the beginning you can hear Graci narrating the events to Conner.  Then you hear poor Lexi asking Xander "who got squirted?" because she kept hearing Parker tormenting us with the hose.  I also love Lexi's squeal when Parker gets even vaguely close to her.  Park did a great job of making us all squirm and definitely chose the victim with the biggest payoff:)

Parker ready to dish it out.

All of us lined up and ready to take our medicine!

Best dance moves ever!!!

I love our family💖


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  1. You should submit this FHE activity idea to the Ensign. Fantastic!


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