Monday, August 14, 2017

Green Family Reunion part 2

So it took me a little longer than a day to post the rest of the story from the Green Family Reunion, but if you had an idea of how busy the last few weeks of our summer have been, you would understand!

The rest of the reunion was a blast.  From camping at Mt. Timpanogos to Grandpa's grilled chicken to walking through the Thanksgiving Point gardens, the entire week was great.  I'm so grateful to be part of such an awesome family.  Love you guys!

First of all, here's a pic from the other group at the escape room:

We had a friend come over and take some pictures of our family:

Our entire family (except Tiffany, who passed away in 2004) is here!

Grandma and Grandpa with all of their grandkids

Our six siblings, including a picture of Tiffany.  Miss her!
Aunt Jenny playing games with her nieces and nephews.  Best aunt ever!!!
Is it any wonder so many people think Tyler is my son, not my brother?

Grandpa and Ben chillin' on the deck.
We loved the amazing flowers at Thanksgiving Point:

Our campsite at Timpooneke campground was as picturesque as it could be.  We stayed two nights in the high alpine forest on the east side of Mt. Timpanogos.

Parker giving Cali a ukulele lesson

All of our kids love their uncle Steve!

Sibling Selfie (remember when all pictures used to be this grainy?)

While we were camping we spent a few hours at Tibble Fork reservoir:

Xander did great on the paddle board!


Jesi conquered the paddle board, too!

She was also brave enough to submerge herself in the brisk water:

Christi is the queen of the paddle board.

Loving the hammock life:)

At the end of the camping trip, several of us hiked up to Timpanogos Caves.  This is a steep hike, climbing 1100 feet in 1.5 miles.  I was really impressed with the whole group.  And the payoff was amazing!
Two of my very favorite hikers in the world!

Carrying a little extra something in our backpacks.  Sophi weighs 50 pounds!

The heart of Timpanogos.  So cool!

It was such a great week! We're already looking forward to next year:)


  1. I hadn't seen many of those pictures! That was great!

    1. Ok Jennifer--in the picture where you are sitting down with the little ones I'm DYING at how cute your shoes are!!! I can hardly see them but can tell I LOVE them! haha. So, if they are still readily available...where would I find them?? :-)

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