Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our little teacup!

Anyone that knows Lexi knows that she LOVES to sing.  She was soooo excited to be in 6th grade this year so she could be part of the school play.   If you can imagine, it's pretty difficult to learn the choreography to her dances when she can't see, and she was so nervous about performing.  We think she was the cutest teacup ever to grace the stage!

By the way, Belle is Broadway bound!  I have never seen such talent in a girl her age-- absolutely blow your socks off perfection.  So in case her parents are reading this, you should be very proud!!!


  1. Good job, Lexi! You look great. Being in a play is so much fun!

  2. Lexi was so good in her play! Loved it!!!

  3. I love how much y'all empower your kids!


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