Wednesday, December 11, 2019

An Arm and a Leg

Changing the sheets on a bunk bed is an arduous process. Generally the kids will ask me for assistance when it comes time to put the fitted sheet back on. Tonight, Calais came to me and asked if I would put the sheet on for her. "You bet!" So I went in to take care of it. She was waiting in her wheelchair a couple of feet behind me. For those of you who don't know, I had shoulder surgery on October 15. While I am definitely recovering, it is a very slow process and my range of motion is still quite limited. So I'm sprawled across her bed, trying to pull up the corner of the mattress with my strong arm and stretch out the corner of the sheet with my recovering arm. I just can't do it. The arm won't reach. In frustration I say, "This is really hard 'cuz my arm doesn't work!" Pause. Pause. Cali, in her sweet little voice with her slightly broken English, "Well, my legs doesn't work." Doh! She definitely recognized the humor in her remark, but she was also reminding me to suck it up!



  1. Perspective is everything! At 44, I need reading glasses for all close-up work now. I have never gotten upset about it and that's only because of sweet Lexi and Conner and Elli. I think of the magic of slipping on glasses and having everything suddenly crystal clear. What a miracle. What they would give for that miracle! I think of them almost every time I put my glasses on and try to be so, so grateful.

  2. Being friends with your kids definitely put things in a different perspective (I often share some of my experiences with Mrs Green). Since I'm a very extroverted teen, I'll often talk about what I go through and it might look like I'm complaining. For example, when I twisted my ankle in October, I had a harder time walking for a while (it still hurts a little), but often when complaining, I'd think of Sophi, who might never walk straight, and Cali, who's in a wheelchair. So I try to be grateful for what I have instead of complaining, no matter how hard it can be.


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