Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Best Father's Day ever!

Last week Taylor and Parker (who are only here because coronavirus brought them home for a short respite from their missions in Mexico) surprised me with a canyoneering trip for Father's Day. They had wanted to do all the planning and packing and then just spring it on me, but they quickly realized that in the planning phases they were a little over their heads. So we planned it together. And Christi came too! Perfect getaway before they headed back out to finish their missions.
We did Dragonfly and Moonflower in Moab. Great canyons with some really big drops, some fun and easy potholes and a short slot section. Thank you guys!

On Father's Day itself, Christi made me my favorite dessert: Key Lime Cake (thank you for the recipe Erin and Denise Christiansen!!!). It takes a few hours to make, so she only does it once a year:). I feel so spoiled. And Sophi and Lexi got me a fantastic pair of Bose Headphones. All in all I came out pretty good!

At least I had an amazing view as I hitchhiked back to the car!

Staring down a 200 footer!

Parker does a Spider-man! (Intentionally locks off and hangs upside down 😮:

Another 200 foot drop

Thank you sweetie! So delicious:)

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