Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boys will be boys...

So this morning the kids were out weeding in the garden and I was inside cleaning. Taylor knocked on the door, and I went to see what he needed. He asked, "Mom, Parker said he'd give me all his money except his missionary money if I would eat a worm. Is that ok?" I guess this question is what I get for reading the boys, "How To Eat Fried Worms," a favorite book of mine when I was little. Of course, my immediate thought was, "No way! That's totally disgusting!" But then I thought that Jeremy would get some kind of sick pleasure out of the whole thing, so I told Taylor it was up to his dad. I called Jer at work and asked what he thought of it. Jer's immediate response was, "Tell him Parker doesn't have to pay him anything, but I'll pay him $10 if he'll wait and eat it when I get home!" So now the boys have the worm in a little jar, waiting for Daddy to get home. Gag me. I'll keep you posted...


By the way, if you know of any danger in this, I'd appreciate knowing it before 5:00 this afternoon... (:


  1. Soooo not worth $10... Eewww! Good luck!

  2. Tell Jer I'll do it for $5. Do keep us posted!

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  4. We used to do that kind of stuff in seminary if a spider walked by. Of course it was always the boys who thought of it & would be the only ones to empty their pockets for the entertainment...even the teacher!

  5. Hey - no harm in it - I've eaten plenty of them! (It's a long story....) Just make sure you have a camera ready!

    aus and family

  6. I want to know if he actually went through with it. If so, I will let Jonathan know. Maybe the two could have a contest? That is pretty disgusting!!



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