Saturday, August 16, 2008

I wimped out

Taylor was all set to eat the worm...and Dad wimped out. I was just looking at the poor worm. It hadn't done us any harm. It was just doing it's job aerating our garden. And we were going to kill it. For no reason other than our entertainment. Fishing is a different story. We're using the worm to procure food for our family. But to kill it just so we could have the sick pleasure of watching another human being ingest such disgusting fare? It didn't feel right.

Taylor mostly agreed:)


  1. Dag - I wanted to see the pictures too! Come on Taylor - can't be any worse than some of the food we had in GZ!

    aus and family

  2. Dang. I wanted to see this on video.... But probably for the best.

  3. That's okay that you "wimped out". I think it is probably better that way anyways.


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