Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I bought some foam curlers to try in Elli's hair, but she wouldn't have a thing to do with them. Jesi and Graci, however, were enthralled with the idea. I was so excited because Jesi won't go near a curling iron, and since I've never thought of foam curlers, we've never seen her hair curly. Anyway, somehow I got pictures of Graci with her curly hair, but not Jesi. I'll have to do it again so you can see how darling Jessica looked. The cutest part was seeing the boys' reaction. They were seriously oohing and ahhing at their sisters. Parker has asked me several times since, "Mom, didn't the girls look so so cute with their curly hair?" (:


  1. I would love to see Jesi's hair all curly. Graci's hair is so lovely---gotta agree with your boys on that one. She has awesome hair!

  2. very beautiful hair for a very beautiful girl.

  3. I echo Becky...beautiful hair for a beautiful girl!!!

    I want to see Jesi's.

  4. Just a quick note, I saw a study on TV about women w/straight hair and curly hair. The same woman was judge on different things while she wore the same clothing and makeup. It turned out that most people found straight hair more attractive, but judged curly haired women smarter and better communicators!
    Just a note, Gracie has a lot of patience to be able to handle curlers!
    Heather BT


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