Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jesi's party

Jessica is the most imaginative little soul around. I've talked about her "recipes" and dress-ups and "schools." I was on the computer the other morning and thought she was watching a show. Then she came in and announced that it was time to come to the party! She said, "Here is the delivery! It is your invitation!" and handed me a paper with a bunch of letters on it. I followed her into her room where she had our "party food" all laid out in a row. There was enough food there to snack on for a week, and I had just had breakfast, but she insisted that we eat it all! I tried my hardest to play along-- but there is only so many goldfish crackers one can eat on a full stomach. She burst into tears when I told her I was done, saying, "but Mom! I made this party for you! You have to eat ALL THE FOOD!!" Now I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but there were like five packages of fruit snacks, 10 pieces of turkey, fruit loop straws (UCK!) mango chips (sounded good when I bought them, but trust me-- these are not worth the money), and piles of pretzels, carrots, and goldfish. I do have a theory that God negates calories we eat when trying to please our kids, so I managed to choke down a little more food until she became distracted enough that I could hide the rest. (:

Anyway, as I have mentioned, Jesi has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. He loves that she likes to create, and is always reminding me how cute it is and to let her have her parties and make her recipes. Well, I took this picture so the next time we talk about our grocery budget, I can use this as evidence that I need a raise. (; And also so that he can see why I can never stay on top of the dishes-- I swear this girl dirties an entire dishwasher full of dishes EVERY DAY!

Notice Jesi's "night hat." She insists in wearing it to bed. Where does she get these things?

Oh how we love her!!


  1. I love hearing stories about Jesi's recipes and parties. She is such a sweet girl. Foster all of that creativity that she has now and maybe when she grows up she will be a great artist.

  2. so cute! Jesi--you have such a fun little mind!

  3. I'm so glad you are blogging these pictures and writings. They will grow up so fast and you will love having these wonderful reminders of what life was like when they were little. They are so precious.


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