Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally -- a drink!

I'm back at the hospital, and Graci looks SO good! She was so excited at 6:00pm when she finally got to take a drink. She's also had a little ice cream:) She's experiencing some pain, but I don't think it's too bad. They're still giving her morphine. It was cute when I came in -- she gave me the biggest smile. She continues to do well and we're hopeful she may be able to leave ICU tomorrow.

Graci's voice is really quite hilarious right now. She sounds like a little mouse or something. It's a higher-than-normal pitch and extremely weak. So her nurse just came in to check on her. Graci had been asleep, but when the nurse started checking the lines on her hand and arm, Graci woke up. Graci started saying, in her pathetic, whiny falsetto, "Owie!, owie!, owie!" The nurse said, "Are you hurting?" And Graci responded with a nonchalant, "Not really." We all cracked up. I guess she was just anticipating pain. What a cutie:)



  1. She is a cutie, isn't she? lol That little story made me smile. God bless Graci. God bless her parents, too!

  2. Morning guys - thanks for all the updates yesterday - Brianna kept asking me to check on Graci for her and she feels better knowing how well things are progressing! And Jer - that's for the comment about 'missing the little miracles' - you're completely correct, the little mercies we recieve are the ones we REALLY need to be thankful for - and sleep depravation and I have become fast friends since last December (I'm kinda glad to know we're not the only ones!) But don't be a slug!

    Hugs for all you guys - Brianna sends a kiss for Graci's 'ouch' - and we all continue our prayers!

    aus and family

  3. I am so glad for this site that allows us to "check in" on Graci. We are all so happy that she is doing well. Tessie has me check the site on a regular basis to see if there is any more news. Thanks for your wonderful example of love and family! You are all in our prayers!

  4. Just checking in...thinking of you all!


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