Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The vent is out!!!!

Oh, Graci looks so much better!! It is always so good to see someone get their vent out-- she is so much more herself! She was upset after they took it out because she had to sit up a little and it was hurting her, but she soon settled down and is now resting. She'll be able to drink a little in 4-6 hours and that will help her tons.

Our next door neighbor and mother of Graci's best friend is a nurse here once a week. It was her shift today and it was fun to be able to see her and have Graci see a familiar face. We just got done from eating lunch together and it was so good to have some company. Jer's still at home trying to rest up a bit. He's watching Elli so Mom and Dad could go to a doctor's appointment and come visit Graci. I thought that was a pretty crummy birthday-- not feeling well and having a daughter in ICU-- but then I read Leslie's comment about the success of the surgery being the best birthday present ever, and that made me feel better. I love you, hon! Happy Birthday!



  1. I don't know why every year for the past four years I still can't get it in stone in my head that it is also Jeremy's birthday today --Happy Birthday, Jeremy!! Mariah (she turned four today) has had a fun day, even though I didn't have anything big planned. Christi - I just talked to Misty and she is coaching Alissa's basketball team. She didn't even know that you had adopted. She asked for your blog address, so I hope it's OK that I gave it to her.
    Also, on Saturday I ran into Charity C.! (Am I supposed to put last names on here?)
    Our prayers are with you and your family!

  2. Christi--we love you! Aaaahhh! I'm pretty much dying because I wish we were closer! I want to come visit you and Graci in the hospital! Give Graci my love. We wish you guys the best!

  3. Christianne! It is Misty (Warner) Gordon. I recieved you blog address from Becky. I am trying to remember the last time that we talked, and I think that was when Becky and I stopped to visit you at your home in Spanish Fork.(So it has been a while) and I am sitting here reading about what you have gone through how your family has grown, changed and been so blessed! I will be honest, as I have been reading I have been crying, smiling and being filled with the spirit reading your tender testimonies about families, hope and listening to the spirit! I am so happy for you and I am praying for you and your children. What blessed chilren to have you for a mom. You are AMAZING and I have always thought that. Hang in there at Primary Children's. I will be in touch through your blog. I have been blessed to know you. You have always been such an example to me.

    Love and Friendship!

  4. That is such great news that the tube is out! We're so happy that everything is going so well for Graci. My Aunt Rama Jean (Kyle's wife) has a niece who's baby just had surgery on her heart at Primary too-I'm wondering if that could be your neighbor in ICU from Idaho. Anyway, good luck with the rest of your hospital stay! Happy Birthday Jeremy-hope you get feeling better!! We love you all!!!


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