Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phone conversation with Jesi:)

I've been in New Jersey for the past two weeks for training with my new company. WAY TOO LONG!!! But, it's almost over. I can't tell you how much I miss Christi and the kids. I missed Parker's first baseball All-Star tournament (including a home run!) But I'll be home tomorrow.

Tonight I called home to say hello. Jesi picked up the phone and I recognized her sweet little "Hello" immediately. I asked, "Is this Jesi?" "Yes" I asked, "Do you know who this is?" She said, "Daddy!" "Yes, sweetheart." "Why are you calling, Daddy?" "Because I love you so much," I said. "What?" Jesi asked. "Because I..." "Daddy, I have to go get ice cream!" Click. Well, at least I know where I stand:)



  1. Remind me to do the 'mom fell down' phone call to Ben with you some day! As for where you fit in the family - after ice cream is better than no at all!

    As a dad - well - yeah.....

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Oh no! Sorry! I am working with my 3.5 year old b/c his daddy is going to Iraq soon and he has a tendency to drop the call like your daughter did if he is distracted.
    I don't want it to hurt my hubby's feelings. He called from NJ last night (training) and got about 2 sentences out of our little guy before he chucked the phone...cookies were out of the oven...that's all it took.
    Sadly, we can't call Iraq, so I have to work some more with my little sugar bug!
    How is your adoption process going this time?


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