Monday, July 6, 2009

What Fun!

Today I dropped the boys off for a baseball camp on campus at BYU. They will room together in the dorms for three nights. At first they were a bit nervous to go, but once they got there, saw their dorm rooms and got their meal cards, they started to get a feel for how much fun was in store for them. They will work on baseball skills from 9-4 each day. In the evenings they will be in a group with an adult counselor. Tonight they went bowling and played games. On Wednesday night they'll be going to Seven Peaks water park. They're very excited. It was fun to go back to my alma mater. Much has changed, but much is still the same.

On the way down, we were talking about how the older boys at the camp will be going to a dance with girls from a dance camp. I told the boys that someday they would want to go to dances, too, and that someday they would think girls were cute. Parker volunteered that he already thought one girl was cute. He then named a girl from school. I'll call her "Sarah" to protect the innocent. After Parker told me that, Taylor let me know that Parker also had an "arch-enemy." (Taylor's words:) I'll call him "Joe." Parker agreed that Joe was indeed his arch enemy. The reason for this is that Sarah likes both Parker and Joe. Parker said, "I was thinking I would like to trip Joe. Then Sarah would think he would he was clumsy! I wouldn't really do it, but I was thinking about it."

So Parker is noticing girls and has arch enemies. They grow up so quickly:)



  1. I love that they already talk about girls, too, so that Taylor already knew about the "other man."

  2. I'm loving it! My beautiful grandsons are obviously their father's boys. :)

    Though I have read many entries in your blog, Jer and Christie, I am embarrassed to say that I have not read them all. So, I shall start at the beginning and enjoy any entry I might have missed. (But I do not have to read any more entries to know that you are both amazing parents and amazing people.) So proud to be "Grandma Rose."

  3. Evening guys - man oh man don't they grow up fast? Pretty soon they'll be talking about future spouses...that one will really rock your world! Fortunately for me - while they are 'open' to future spouses - they're aren't any ready prospects! (We're not done 'having' kids - how can we plan them getting married?!?!)

    Hugs - aus and co.


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