Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elli!

This post is late because of camera issues!! Our missing camera mysteriously showed up right where it belonged the day before Elli's birthday (Sep 9). I was so excited to be able to take some pictures!!! The next day, when I went to blog about her birthday, the camera was again missing. Our little Xander claimed he didn't know where it was, but when it was found a couple of weeks later, it had about 60 pictures on it, many of which had his cute toes at the bottom. Hmmmm. He has since been directed NOT to touch the camera-- so we'll see how long we can keep track of it now. (:

Elli's birthday was nothing spectacular-- just cake (made by Jessica) and presents. However, SHE is spectacular, and I am getting ready for a much-needed post about her on her website. Check back tomorrow, and I'm giving you permission to hound me if I haven't posted. (:

We love you, Elli-Belly! Can't believe you are FIVE!!!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!
    Elli--there are so many things about you that I love!!! :
    When you BURST into laughter!
    Your cute smile!
    Your quirky noises!
    When you SQUEEZE me and bounce up and down.
    Your DELICATE hands! SOOOOOO pretty!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. We love, love, love our Elli!!!!!

  3. I am officially HOUNDING you. Get on that new post on Elli's new blog. Thank you.

  4. Now i'm calling you to HOUND you. haha.

  5. Hounding you, hounding you, hounding you...

  6. Adding to Jennifer and Leslie's hounding. In Christian love, of course. :)

  7. I haven't stopped by since before you went to GZ. So glad I got time to catch up.

    Elli shares this birthday with my Mum - a good day!

    Glad to see Xander is home.


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