Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Glasses!

Several months ago we went to pick out new glasses for Jessica. She marched straight up to a pair of bright pink ones and said, "I want these!" I thought they were a bit much, so I re-directed her to some wire-framed, less PINK ones. When she lost those a few weeks ago, we returned to the eyeglasses store. Again, Jesi marched straight up to the pair of bright pink ones and declared they were the ones for her!! This time I decided to ask the store attendants what they thought. They told me that those bright pink glasses were the hippest ones in the store and agreed with Jessica that she just HAD to have them! These guys seemed to know what they were saying, and having the reassurance that they were indeed stylish, I gave in to one very happy girl.

I'm so glad I did-- now over the initial "wow, those are PINK," I'm in love...


  1. I would have reacted the exact same way and would have ended up loving these glasses! The are so cute on her (dare I say...out loud...a bit Palin-esque?). Love them.

    And love the fact that you have a CAMERA!!!! Now, my respectful request is for a kid pic and a family pic, post-Xander. Pretty please??


  3. Jesi and her sparkling personality can definitely pull them off!

  4. Jesi is a doll no matter what she is wearing, but these really do project her wonderful, sparkly personality. She is adorable in them!!!!

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