Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bit exasperated...

Dear, sweet family,

I want to teach you about something called a garbage can. It is a handy little contraption that you put garbage in. There are three different types of garbage cans in our home—one for recyclables, one for diapers, and one for everything else. I have scattered them throughout the home for your convenience. Those in the bathrooms should generally be used for bathroom-related trash (think, no banana peels, bread crusts, etc). Other than that, I’m not really picky, so long as they get used. This means that when you finish a gallon of milk, you should not put the empty container back into the fridge. Empty granola bar boxes should not go back into the pantry. Empty candy wrappers should not go in your pocket. Empty yogurt containers should not go on the floor. Empty pretzel bags should not go on the cupboard. Empty orange peels should not go on the table. Etc, etc. If in doubt, remember that empty things are generally meant to be emptied into the trash.

A mother, not a trash collector

P.S. If the closest trash can is full, instead of not using it or piling trash up so high that it overflows, maybe you could try taking it out and putting a fresh new bag in the can. Without being asked. That would really put a smile on my face.

P.P.S. I love you (:

Dear Carol and Cristie,

I am praying for you.



  1. if you guys can figure out how to solve this one. . . you should market it. This was a HUGE issue for me too. WHY?? Why put something empty back on the shelf,or in the fridge? aunt debbi

  2. Yeah - there's not much worse than this....You're fixing dinner. While you are in the pantry you see that box of 'nutty butty' bars and you think to yourself ..."hummm, tonight after the kids go to sleep I'm going to come out here, snag one of those bars and a big glass of mild so cold it makes your teeth hurt and really enjoy that treat"....

    So you get the kids to bed, head for the kitchen to get your reward for being a hard worked dad type, you grab the nutty butty box - empty - but you maintain control, grab the Oreo's instead (a fair substitute and you had hidden them!), pop one in your mouth while you head for a glass and the fridge, grab the milk carton AND IT'S EMPTY TOO!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH

    Hugs - aus and co.

  3. How 'bout the irony of this?

    My CollegeGirl is living with 3 other girls in an apartment. When I have visited (two or three times), I will read notes, handwritten by *my girl* and left on the 'frig for her roomies, chastising them for leaving un-rinsed dishes in the sink or placing them into the dishwasher.

    My girl? The one who, when she lived among us, seemed to think that the dishes should be stored in her room; dishes with FOOD not only stuck on them, but residing in them, growing things!!! ugh

    Yeah. Kids are a HOOT!!

  4. Hmmmmm are my kids sneaking over to your house and trashing your place too!?!?


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