Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Six going on sixteen...

Dear Jesi,

Someday you will thank me for recording our conversation on the drive home from kindergarten today...

Me "How was your day, Jesi?"

You: "GREAT! There's this boy named Nate, and I have a crush on him!"

Me: "Oh, really?"

You: "Yes! I do!!!"

You: pause, followed by high pitched, drawn out sigh ending with a dreamy sounding, "Nate..."

Me: burst of laughter (:

You: "What, Mom?"

Me: "Nothing, nothing. (try to regain control) I'm glad you told me about your crush. What does Nate look like?"

You: "He has yellowish-ish, brownish-ish hair, just like me, and he's really nice."

Me: Oh good! Because it's important to be nice. By the way, what is a crush?"

You: "I don't know. Will you tell me, mom?"

Us: talk of butterflies and smiles and cute boys and happy feelings...

Sweet Jesi, I am so glad that you told me about your crush. It makes me so happy that you like to talk to me about such things. Please, please, PLEASE continue to do this as you get older. This means the first time a boy holds your hand, the first time he kisses your sweet lips, and the first time you know you are in love. Please include Daddy on the details too, because he's the kind of dad that will like to know these things, and it will make him so happy to share them with you. Don't ever be afraid to open up to us, because we are, and always will be, your biggest fans.

Love you!

--The girl who has a crush on your daddy!


  1. Ya know - you're crush on Jer show on your face....just though you ought to know!

    hugs - aus and co.


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