Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Run, run, as fast as you can!

I am a little late in doing this, but I am going to copy an email sent to us from Jessica's kindergarten teacher. If any of you could help out with this, you will be my BFF!! Jesi still lives in that magical world where all of this will be real to her, and it would absolutely make her day to receive a postcard for her class with HER name on it! (: Thanks-- and leave a comment if you send a postcard-- just so I know if she'll be getting any, or if I need to be making some phone calls! (;


Copied email:

I wanted to let you know about a fun activity we will be starting our first week back to school. This first week back we will be focusing our learning around the story of the gingerbread man. I'm sure most of you have heard the story about the gingerbread man who comes to life and then runs away from everyone who tries to catch him, chanting, "I'm fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!" As part of our gingerbread fun, we will be trying to catch the gingerbread as we follow a map of his journey through our school. But. . . we will never be able to find him! He will escape before we catch him.

This is where we will need your help! To go along with our World Unit, we are asking that you contact your friends and family who do not live in our near Herriman to send us a postcard from the place where they live, telling the kids that they have seen the gingerbread man! For example, my little brother is on a mission in Texas right now so I am going to ask him to send my class a postcard saying something like, "Dear Kindergarten Friends, Guess what?! I was walking down the streets of Dallas and I saw the gingerbread man running down the street! I tried to catch him, but he was just too fast! I hope he liked it here in Texas!" The more postcards we receive, the more fun the kids will have! We will be pinning the postcards we receive to our map of the world so the kids can see where the gingerbread man has been. We hope that this activity will bring maps and directions to life for the kids! We want their learning to become even more meaningful and we think this is a fun way to accomplish that goal!

Will you please ask your family and friends far away to send a postcard (preferrably one that shows a landmark or identifying feature of the place where they live) to our kindergarten class? They can write whatever they want on the postcard, but please ask them to add something about our gingerbread man being spotted in that place!

Please address the postcard as follows:

Name of Student
Mrs. Proud's AM Kindergarten Providence Hall
4795 W Mt. Ogden Peak Dr
Herriman, UT 84096

Because this activity will go along with our world unit, we will happily accept postcards through March!

I will begin the hunt for the gingerbread man by sending the kids a postcard from Disneyland! (No, I will not be at school the first week of January. . .) I hope that we will start getting an influx of postcards from all over the world! What fun!


  1. Count on a card from Oregon! I can't believe that Jesi's teacher was able to write to parents: "I have a brother serving a mission in Texas." I love Oregon, but a teacher could have gotten fired for that out here in the tree-hugging NW.

  2. We would love to send one (or even a few). Where do you want the postcard to come from? We live right by the Chesapeake Bay and not too far from Philly and DC.

  3. A card from Iowa, yes, boring old Iowa will come your way!! :) Address, please.

    Jennifer: Your commentary about things teachers can and cannot say in a parent letter made me laugh and then roll my eyes and then, made me get all politically mad again. Thanks for the roller coaster!! ha

  4. Looking for a TN postcard. Also have had 9 replies to my email about the gingerbread man to friends from all 4 borders. Some even passed it along to others.

  5. Benjamin's class did this. He got about 20 postcards. It was one of his favorite activities that he still talks about.

  6. Dear Heavenly Days!! I plum forgot to send Jesi's card!! (smacks self in forehead) Is it too late? Sorry....

  7. aunt debbi we are sending a postcard of the beach- and the gingerbread man is excaping out into the ocean. :) so fun, who knew we even had postcards in town? too bad none of them say san pedro, but, oh well.

  8. sorry chhristi--- i need glasses for the computer, i guess. i do know that it is escaping- not ex---- :) aunt debbi

  9. Savannah signed a post card from Nashville with gingerbread girl in the town.. She loved doing it for Jessi. Now she is asking me if Jessi got the card.

  10. O.k. guys not to make you feel bad or anything...
    I was looking at my blog and all my fam/friends and when their blogs have been updated and on Elli's it says 7 months. 7 months?!?! Christi, I believe I am officially hounding you again. Get on it girl!
    (I do this with all the love in my heart ;-) )

  11. I'm sorry this one came out the day we left for China - or you'd have one from there! If it's still going on you'll be getting one from Ohio - let us know and we'll get it in the mail!

    hugs - and love you guys

    aus and co.

    PS - Chase is a BOMB - referred to as Cho Jin Di (little emperior!)


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