Saturday, January 16, 2010


We have such a great life! We have six amazing kids. They are truly wonderful. Each and every one of them is such a blessing to us. Their insight, love, compassion, generosity and love for their Father in Heaven never cease to amaze me. (Well, I suppose there are isolated times when they do cease to amaze me and begin to annoy me, but those truly are the exception:) I was told by a wise man several years ago that there was no greater blessing that could come to a young man than the blessing of fatherhood. Truer words were never spoken.

I'm sad that we haven't blogged for so long. We've missed out on sharing the joys of the holiday season and much of Xander's first months with us. We will try to be better! I just had to share an experience with Jesi this morning. She has a little blue unicorn stuffed animal toy and she was holding the unicorn up to my face and making the unicorn kiss me repeatedly. (Said unicorn is not a "soft" stuffed animal. It is rather solid and when pressed against your lips or cheeks with the strength of a six-year-old girl behind it, it can actually be a bit painful.) "My unicorn loves to give kisses!" she would say. (This was beginning to be one of those "exceptions" I referred to above:) She started in the kitchen. She followed me into the living room and then into my bedroom. This unicorn just kept hammering me with kisses. The kisses were not gentle. Then she said, "I'm so sorry my unicorn likes to kiss so much. Unicorn-you're kissing too much. I'm sorry Dad." After which the unicorn continued to kiss me unstoppably.

I really wish I could live in Jesi's world for a day or two.



  1. Even "painful" love is better than no love :) H

  2. It's called 'tough love' there Jer....but you never know 'who' it's tough on! ;)

    love you guys - aus and co.

  3. I haven't left a comment for some time. But couldn't restrain myself right now. It was easy for me to visualize my sweetheart Jessica with her unicorn. I would have gladly traded places with you, son, being kissed to death by a unicorn . . . as long as it was Jessi holding the magic animal!
    And my goodness! What amazing pictures you guys have posted. Especially wonderful for a lonesome grandma. Christianne, surely many will be moved by your amazing words on adoption. Did you write something about having a hard time expressing yourself? You need never again worry. It is obvious that angels surround you every time you put your fingers on the keyboard. Once again I am humbled to be a small part of your life.

    Love, Grandma Rose


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