Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Caring Sister

Today Xander came up to me and asked if he could have some chips. I said, "not now, honey," and he walked away with a pouty face. Jessica followed him out the door and I overheard her lovingly explain, "Xander, if you don't ask Mom, then she won't say no. Next time, just eat the chips without asking. That's what I did."

Thanks, Jes.



  1. K - true - and I'm thinking that Brianna and Jes could trade places! But Brianna doesn't know that "we're on to her"! ;)

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Smart girl!!! I recall you using that trick a time or two.

  3. She sounds just like Faith! Too funny (o: Thomas and I got a kick out of that.

  4. Caught up again on your blog. So great to see all that you do with your kids. You are the best, parents and kids, and the memories and feelings being created with last forever, often pulling them through touch times. Guess you are at the beach with your family, Jer, and making more memories. Love


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