Saturday, July 17, 2010


We just received a flyer offering babysitting services from a girl in the neighborhood. On the flyer was the phrase "fee determined by number of children." We had a babysitter a few years ago that was the same way-- she charged $2.00/hr/kid. Luckily, we only had three at the time! I know that many subscribe to this philosophy-- the more children, the more you pay. It makes sense, in a way. And it sounds great for the parents of ONE child. (: The way I see it, however, is TIME is TIME. Is a sitter really worth less because she is just watching 1-2 kids? I would feel silly paying a sitter say, $2.00/hr to watch "just Elli" while I take the rest of my kids to a movie. (Elli obviously doesn't do movies). And along the same line, I can't afford to pay a young teenager $12.00/hr to watch my six kids, though I would LOVE to pay that much if I could-- we have some darling sitters!

In truth, I think it's sometimes easier to watch more children at once. I remember babysitting an only child and it was exhausting, because that child wanted all of my attention. In our particular case, I really think watching all six is easier than watching just one or two. The big kids are a huge help with "the littles" and know all the routines. They all play together really well.

So... question #1: Am I totally off base? Are we underpaying our babysitters by not paying "per child?"

Feel free to share your honest thoughts. (:

On to question #2: It was Parker's turn for a Mommy date a couple of weeks ago and we went to see Toy Story 3. Loved it. Jeremy later took all the kids to see it and he loved it too. My question is, are we the only parents who found ourselves totally crying at the end?

And question #3: Have you ever had a dinner of raspberries, blueberries, peaches and bananas cut up in a bowl with milk, sugar, and vanilla? If not, you are missing out! Mmmmmmm!


  1. When we paid for a sitter, we paid $1 per hour per child, until #6 came along we left it at $5/hr. By that time the older kids were helping a lot. For our *favorite* sitters, we would buy them a gift for their b-days or Christmas thanking them for being so good with the kids. Jessica babysits and gets super excited when she earns $5/hr. She doesn't "charge" a certain amount - just accepts what she is given and is grateful for any amount she gets.

  2. We really have been lacking on going out but if we did I would pay a set price not per pound!

    I cried 3 times in that movie! I loved it!!!

    No but I am going to try it. I have done sliced tomato butter salt and pepper on toast...

  3. 1. I think ALL things need to be taken into account. For example I pay our babysitters $6/hr and round up when say they babysit for 3 hrs I pay $20--especially if they clean or make an extra effort with the kids. However, if they babysit in the evening and the kids sleep 2 of the 3 hrs I don't pay quite as much. Unless they CLEAN! :-) a few weeks ago after putting the kids to bed my 11 yr old babysitter proceeded to load/run the dishwasher, clean out my microwave, vacuum, sweep, put ALL toys away, etc. And last time when I came home they were all sitting at the kitchen table making up a story about the "3 little cowboys" with illustrations and everything. Oh she is wonderful. If I had older kids I def. would NOT pay $2/hr for them--I would say $6/hr is plenty for your family.
    2. Didn't cry but know plenty of moms who did!!!!!
    3. Sounds good, but the milk part surprises me--for some reason I can't picture you eating that! I think just a bowl of fruit w/no milk sounds better!

  4. The sitter question is a good one - our answer is - that depends. We're usually in the $5 / hr range for the three littles - but if Marie is out and I get called in on a case and need urgent coverage generally there's a good tip involved! I agree however that the more kids the easier!

    Didn't see the movie yet - but you'll know the answer - we'll cry!

    And yeah - we do fruit for dinner once in a while too - in particular during the summer when you feel like something lighter in the evening!

    And ya'll have been some prolific posters lately - we'll try to get one up eventully!

    love and hugs - aus and co.

  5. what is wrong with 50 cents an hr? ha ha OK, so i am old--- the man at the post office told me i was old- of all the nerve. i think you should set the fee. I told our babysitters- i pay. . . and i would offer more if they did some housework. And, when i came home and the house was trashed and i heard horror stories the next day.. . we didn't use that sitter again!! christi- alex and his "cool" college age friends thought that Toy Story was totally made for their age, not for young kids!!!!! :) Last nite with dinner we had Yummy fresh corn, and also cold strawberries, blueberries, grapes and cantalope!!! i really thought i was in heaven aunt debbi

  6. For high school and college age sitters, I always felt that I had to make the wage I paid them somewhat competitive, as they could go out and get a minimum wage job, if they wanted to versus babysitting for peanuts.

    Now, I no longer know what minimum wage is (::ahem::), but I still say, if you find a sitter that cleans, take good care of your children and is available most times you need them...I would pay the MAXIMUM I could afford to keep her coming back.

    Lastly, if most of the kids are asleep for most of the night and the sitter just does homework, reads, texts friends, etc., then I wouldn't feel as though I needed to pay as much.

    Haven't seen Toy Story yet, but hear people (adults) are crying. That intrigues me. lol

    Sounds good (the berries and milk and sugar in the bowl). Hold the vanilla, please. Ya lost me there. ha

  7. #1 Fortunately I haven't had to pay for babysitting otherwise we would always stay home. (Thanks to Mom!)

    #2 Of Course!

    #3 Love fruit with milk/cream - haven't tried the vanilla - will have to try that next.

    Miss you guys!!!

  8. I cried at Toy Story too. There's nothing quite as tender as the loyalty of true friends. Soo glad you are one of mine:)

  9. If you consider you're leaving your most prized "possessions" with them, I think it's ok to set the terms and be a little more generous in what I pay.


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