Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dressy Jesi!

Our darling Jessica turned SEVEN last week! My favorite part of the day was Taylor repeating over and over, “Why does she keep growing up? Where’s our little Jessica?”

Jesi is funny, sweet, dramatic, smart, thoughtful, imaginative, beautiful, and perfect in every way. Oh how we love her!! Words cannot describe what she does to our hearts!

One of Jessica’s favorite things to do is to dress-up. I’ve put together a slide-show of some of my favorite "outfits" of hers over the years. It’ll be too long for anyone but her grandmas, but I couldn’t resist putting in so many pictures—she just makes me happy!

Love you, dress-up queen! Happy 7th birthday!!!

PS. Sometimes the boys get coerced into joining in the dress-up fun. I just had to sneak in a couple of those too. We’ll see how long they last before the boys come to read the blog and make me take them off! (:



  1. Happy birthday! I LOVE your dress ups (o:

  2. It wasn't all that long! We simply must.hug.that.child. someday!! In the meantime please give her a good one for us - and tell her Happy Birthday!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  3. How is it possible that Jesi is SEVEN??? Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were discussing back up plans for an emergency drive to the hospital when Jeremy was out of town so close to her due date. Please give her a big hug/kiss from us! :)

  4. What a fun collection to have all together. And it's not too long for aunts, either!

  5. Adorable. She DOES have a lot of dress up pictures! So sweet. Great idea.

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  7. Had to share this video with you!!


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