Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let It Shine

OK. Christi and I have spent several hours trying to get this to work, and I guess it's just not meant to be. But this video is so hilarious, I just had to keep it on here. We used photobooth (on our mac) to video Elli singing This Little Light of Mine. It turned out perfectly! But then when we tried to upload it to youtube or our blog, it didn't work right. The audio plays at the correct speed, but the video plays too quickly. We got different results with different ways of doing things, but the funniest is what you see below. The 2:04 video plays in 25 seconds:) Elli can get pretty animated in real time, but when you speed it up...well, you'll see! Enjoy:)


UPDATE: I think we finally found a way to make it work! Click on the link below...


  1. ok. . . i love it! aunt debbi :)

  2. She is SO adorable and right on pitch!!!

  3. Oiy! Melt my heart! Amazingly right on pitch and SO stinking cute (o:

  4. I wish everyone could know how far Elli has come. Sometimes, when she first arrived here, the only thing that would calm her was Mommy or Daddy singing to her. She couldn't feed herself, play with toys, talk (Just made weird noises). She didn't give hugs and kisses as she does now. She didn't interact much at all. No one knew what her capabilities were and no one knows now. But she keeps progressing. She can talk, feed herself, navigate all over, by herself. She knows voices and can identify them to those she is acquainted with. She knows family members by touch. She is learning to play the piano, has an ever-increasing vocabulary, and can SING BEAUTIFULLY. Music is going to be her love in this life. It makes her happy. She can connect to it. We love you our sweet Elli. We can't wait to have you for a whole week to ourselves.

  5. Guys - when you haven't met someone you get these thoughts about how they are going to be - well - she just exceeded ALL of my expectations! What a little doll - completely huggable!

    hugs - aus and co.

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. I loved watching Elli sing at the beach and knew I would miss it. Now I can watch her anytime!


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