Thursday, October 7, 2010

Every Day!

As I read Christi's post of a few minutes ago, I found it sad that she feels guilty. She says "I’m really feeling overwhelmed at how many people are blessing my life while I’m giving so little back." I want to remind her of something I pointed out a couple of days ago. It was after she called me and told me about what an incredible angel Heather was to come over and help out, unasked and not expecting anything in return. I told Christi: "You do that EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE!" So don't forget it, sweetheart. Truly we are blessed. I am SO grateful for the many wonderful things that many wonderful people continue to do for us. But don't forget what you do for some pretty special kids every day.

By the way, the effort, responsibility and work that goes into rearing a family like ours falls much more on Christi's shoulder's than mine. Her work load has increased way more than mine through this process. I guess I'm giving up a 4-wheeler or something, but, seriously, Christi is giving so, so, so much of her life for our family. Thanks, dear:)



  1. Yeah brother - what you said! Air Five -

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. there really is a time and season for all things-it is such a hard thing to not feel guilty but really christianne does so much more than she realizes-her influence alone on others is the most amazing service.

  3. Someone replied to my comment(the same one) "We arent doing it for YOU we are doing it for little G!" The one we adopted. Weve had G home for two months now and every time I sit down to write a thank you for our church family I just get so overwhelmed I just cant. HOW do you thank people for the effort and sacrifices?! Its just SO BIG!! keep up the good work....

  4. Jeremy - to quote Laura Bohling "You rock!"


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