Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hugs for Sophi

(With a subtle shout out to my brother, Tyler:)

Sophi gives the BEST hugs! Hard to believe with no arms, but it's true. When she's in a hug-giving mood (which is fairly often) she nestles her little torso into your body and her head into the crook of your neck. She has now picked up on our response. We often say "oooohhhhh" when she does it, so now she snuggles in and says "oooohhhhh." I love it!!!



  1. I love it, as well. So sweet. :)

    Are we all supposed to give a shout out to Tyler? If so, ::waves:: "Hey, Tyler!" From Iowa


  2. You should post the video that would explain the subtle shout-out! HA!

  3. I looked online for Ty's movie, thinking maybe it was on Youtube. But no luck. Ty, maybe you can post it?


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