Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mormon Times

My mom just pointed out to me that our video clip from Sunday is now online. I liked this version the best because it included a spiritual perspective. You can view it by going to and clicking on the "tv" tab, or by clicking directly on this link. Megan, did you notice you're in the video bringing in dinner for us? (: It was delicious!

Also, we had a beautiful Christmas, which I'll post more about later. But just in case our "friends" are reading, I wanted to take a minute now to thank them for the anonymous bag of gifts that was left on our porch on Christmas Eve. We felt so loved! Thank you, and what was brought supplemented what we had PERFECTLY.



  1. I loved this clip MUCH better, too. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Loved the spiritual aspect of the Mormon Times piece. It will sure be fun to meet the two newest Greens! :)

  3. Oh man I can't wait to come spend time with your family! I love you guys!

  4. I liked both clips! :-)

    Has TLC contacted you yet??? :-)

  5. Yessss, I loved this clip. I got to hear my sweet friend's voice testify of eternal families, of the guidance of the spirit and of her beautiful perspective! I love you! You have surely inspired so many and what blessed little ones to have you as their mommy!


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