Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks to...

...Boyd and Shelly Stewart (and Boyd's mom!) for this fantastic MacBook (laptop) we're using to blog while on our trip. Boyd - I just checked out your blog for the first time in awhile and realized what a Star Wars geek you are. Very cool!

...Grandma and Grandpa Nelson for so many, many things. Thanks for the help tending the kids. Thanks for the financial help. Thanks for coming to basketball and baseball games all the way from Ferron. Thanks for making me feel like I am more like a son than a son-in-law. And mostly thanks for your wonderful, fantastic daughter.

...Grandpa Green for helping us out on this double the fun, double the challenges adoption trip:) Thanks for being such a great grandpa that Jesi and Graci squealed with joy and jumped into your arms when they first saw you here in the San Francisco airport.

...Grandma Green for letting your hubby leave you for over two weeks and help us on our journey.

...Jen for getting up early in the morning to take Dad to the airport.

...Matt for helping me coach Taylor and Parker's basketball team-traveling 50 minutes one way 2-3 times a week for practices and games. (And for having a WEALTH of basketball knowledge. I can provide enthusiasm, but he provides the know-how!) And to Matt and Megan for offering to let us use their Netbook. How generous! Since we ended up with this Mac, your mom and dad have the Netbook:)

...Taylor, Parker, Tanner, Dawson, Darian, Kobe and Colton, for sending me off with a win in our first superleague basketball game. 22-19. Taylor scored 5 points in the 4th quarter!!! I get really passionate about coaching, and a win the night before this trip was much more fun than a loss would have been!!!

...Robyn Hagen, Antje Lee and Grandma Nelson for altering coats and jammies for Sophi so she doesn't have some useless clothing arms flopping around as she goes to bed or goes out in the cold:)

...The McKinnons, Cherrys, and Rawlins for making "candy leis" for the kids in the orphanage. What a lot of time and energy to sacrifice for us and for those kids in China!!!

...Mr Larsen at the Utah State Tax Commission for providing me the opportunity to remember all of the expenses we incurred in conjunction with adopting Elli and Graci:)

...Mary Schellenberg for the many times she has called and volunteered to take Elli for awhile of bring dinner or do whatever we might need. Special thanks for changing one of Elli's "up the front and the back" diapers yesterday - with no complaints!

...To our many friends and neighbors who have helped organize, clean, tend kids, and do whatever was necessary to help us get ready for this amazing journey.

...To all of you, near and far, who have expressed support, excitement, love, concern, joy and anticipation for us and our new additions. Thank you for making us feel so loved. We hope you will enjoy following our journey over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, thanks to our Heavenly Father for laying out this beautiful plan for our family. I would never have had the foresight, vision, patience, understanding or even the capability to do this on my own. But He has led us down a unique but perfect road for us. I am continually amazed by His goodness and greatness.



  1. mWow. Adopting these amazing children has allowed so many people to serve them and love them and grow and learn themselves. What an opportunity you have given all of us to be better people. I wish I could do more than a simple airport run...

  2. SOOOOOO excited for you!!!!
    Mostly excited for you for Christmas--can you even imagine all the fun???!!!???!!!

  3. So excited for you guys!!! Can't wait to see your whole family together!

  4. You guys are amazing people! Looking forward to reading your adventures these next couple weeks.

  5. WAHOO...can I come with??? I'm so glad you are soo love, so taken care of and are surrounded by so many little wonders! Kisses to those new girlies!

  6. Morning guys - I'm sitting here with a tear - so wishing I was there with you - HOORAH - it's the only word I've got.

    And as always - if there is anything you guys or your stateside family might need (from however many hundreds of miles away we are) - we're here....

    Fair winds and following seas....

    and much love - aus and co.


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