Friday, December 3, 2010

We are exhausted!

We made it! We got into Graci's home town of Hangzhou at about midnight here, 9am at home. Our internal clocks are pretty messed up at this point.

Graci's foster family was so excited to see her and she was excited, too. They are such sweet people. We feel really grateful that they are still able to be a part of Graci's life.

Well, good night. More to come soon.



  1. SOOOO anxious for pics and details! :-)

  2. I know it may not have felt that way to you, but man, this has seemed like a WHIRLWIND to me!!

    Glad you are safe and can't wait to see all the *magic*.

    Blessings ...

  3. Hey Guys - so HAPPY for you guys - couldn't be more excited for you!!l Hugs to Graci and her FF for us - what a Christmas gift!!

    And you are blogging from China - way to go guys!! (and as always if you need assistance - e-mail away!)

    love to all - aus and co.


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