Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Things I love about...


1. Her motherly nature
2. How she gets sassy sometimes (not bad sassy, just cute sassy)
3. The way she keeps her bed. She has hardly ANY room to sleep—it is full of animals, dolls, blankets, favorite books, her scriptures, her “sleeping kit” (which is endearing in and of itself and consists of her sleeping mask, ear plugs, tissues, etc), her Zhu Zhu house, and more!
4. The little projects she does with Jessica
5. How she loves to keep her room organized


1. His grin when something is really funny
2. His willingness to help others with homework or doing other things, without being asked!
3. His incredible, amazing, uncanny knowledge of sports facts
4. The way he is not embarrassed to show affection to me in front of his friends
5. How I can talk to him for hours and LOVE it


1. His genuine sweetness and tenderness
2. His face as he plays sports (very intense!)
3. The way he always wants to look his best
4. That he still loves to cuddle
5. His protectiveness over his brothers and sisters-- he is so good to them


1. Our conversations as I tuck her in at night
2. The little trays of food and “tea” she is always making and serving
3. Her dress ups
4. Her innocence
5. The “books” she is always writing. Her last one read: “I rot this boock all by myself. This is calld my specil boock. I am a suidard (sweetheart) and I am speshl to my mom and dad. I love ranbows and I love all the colors. I am speshl to my mommy and daddy. The end.” All of course with wonderful illustrations.


1. Her amazing, silky hair
2. Listening to her play the piano
3. Her giddiness over all things sweet
4. Playing the “M & M game” with her. This is where each member of the family takes two M & Ms and spreads out to different places in the room. We call out to her, “Elli, this is ‘Taylor’ and I have two M & M’s. She finds the person and then gives them a hug and a kiss before she can have her candy. She gets so intense and it’s so much fun for us all.
5. When she uses her words


1. Her breathtaking smile.
2. The way she will find your hand and kiss it so tenderly
3. Her independent nature
4. The way she says “say what?” (soooo cute!)
5. Her gentleness and the way she has so quickly become such an important and special part of our family


1. His energy
2. The way he almost always says, “sure!” when you ask him to do something.
3. His love for others and willingness to always share and give hugs
4. Watching him do “kung fu”
5. His fun imagination

1. The way she always wakes up with one eye open. We call her the “one-eyed moster” or “the Soph monster.”
2. Her expressions. They are priceless.
3. The way she will scoot around and follow me if I am holding anything edible and get almost frantic to have a bite
4. Her puppy dog eyes
5. Her wave. And everything she does with her feet. She is AMAZING with those little toes.

And what I loved best about writing these little lists? That my heart just swelled with love for EVERY ONE of my precious kiddos. Oh, how I love them! I could write hundreds of things I love about each one. I am so grateful for their individuality and also for the ways they are the same—all sweet and loving and just such good kids. I am so blessed to be their mother!


  1. What a wonderful tribute and treasure for each of your children. They are so blessed to have you for a mother! :) I sure love you and am grateful to call you my friend!

  2. Love it!
    So Trey woke up this morning and said he really really really wants to go to "Taylor and Parker's House". Since 7:30 this morning I've heard him ask probably 20 times. Maybe he had a dream about them! :-) He keeps saying "If you drive fast it won't take that long. Please?????!!!"
    We MISS you!!!! Have you guys decided on a temple date/time????????

  3. Christi - you need to keep that - I so wish I had done that for our older kids....and it's a real tribute to you as a mom and parent that you can articulate out loud these things....maybe that's just something that all of us parents should do - it drives home the point about how wonderful our kids really are!

    love to all - aus and co.


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