Thursday, January 20, 2011

Practical Advice

Taylor and Graci had science projects due on Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon I brought home the display boards they had to complete to show their projects. At about 10:30 pm we were finishing up Taylor's. (Graci's was finished first.) At that point, Christi gave Taylor some great advice. "Taylor, it would serve you well to learn to prepare ahead of time and complete your projects early. It would serve you equally well to learn not to worry about things until they need to be done and then do a good but efficient job on the project.:)"

Christi is the undisputed queen of the "let's-do-a-fantastic-last-minute-job" project. Lucky the kids don't have to depend on me for that!



  1. Savannah has her first school project to do by the 7th of Feb. To depict the 'Polar Artic". to be done in a shoe box.

  2. go green's!!!! i have to tell you. . . i was never so happy in all my life when we could be done with science fair projects. i knew i would miss terribly the faculty at the boys middle school - but man oh man. . . i do not miss those science fair projects.!!!! 8 kids, 2 science projects and everyone is having fun. YOU ARE AMAZING!

  3. Humm - love the advice - but I'm thinking kinda oxymoronish in flavor tho!....just sayin'!

    I too hate projects - so much so that I tend to want to do them right away and then forget about them! Glad that Marie has some 'artistic talent' - I pretty much suck at stuff like that!

    love you guys - aus and co.

  4. Hi there! I have recently started following your blog and have fallen in love with your family. I have often read of a young lady named Jessica Cox, who like your Sophi, was born without arms. She has done some incredible things and is now an inspirational speaker.

    Looking forward to your next update on your children. They are just beautiful.

  5. We have caught up on the blog, again. Love it all! We are so happy for the help you are getting, and yes, I remember our children admiring their babysitters and the help that came in. We soon found the age difference was not enough. Good luck with the science projects! Love

  6. Hello Green Family,
    This is Leigh again from PA, I am just so inspired by your family I will never complain again about our family of four.
    I also follow a family who are about to adopt their 5th & 6th children from China they two are simply amazing and the mom home schools also. Thought I would pass the link as as I think this mom's blog is amazing to read.
    Hope all the children are doing well.
    Check this blog


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