Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shhhh... don't tell!

Today I…

Ate 4 brownies (large ones, too)
Sat in the van by myself for at least 10 minutes just trying to work up the courage to go inside my house
Didn’t want to go to church (but I did—that has to count for something, right?)
Heard about 1% of the talks given at church
Put a sweatshirt over my dress and white socks over my black nylons (which had several noticeable runs in them, by the way) as soon as I got home
Played “Angry Birds” on Jer’s phone when I had a million other productive things I could have done
Forgot to change Elli’s wet sheets, and when I realized it, just put a blanket on top for her to lay on (they were dry at that point—as if that makes a big difference)
Danced with Jeremy in our very messy bedroom and still thought it romantic
Cuddled with every one of my kids at some point (ok, you can tell on me for that) (:


PS. This is Jer. Tonight was the first time Christi played Angry Birds. (If you haven't played it yet, don't start. It's very addictive.) Taylor, Parker and I were huddled around Christi as she tried to get the hang of it. At first she was really struggling to make her shots go where she wanted them to. After several somewhat pathetic attempts, Parker said, " you know what angles are?"



  1. Christianne, I love that you are a REAL mom and HONEST about it! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Guess what! I've done the same thing - had to just sit in our car by myself working up the courage to go in!! And the sheets - yep, I've just put a clean blanket down one time too many!


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