Sunday, January 16, 2011

I love my Parker...

(And yes, this is my FOURTH post tonight!) (:

While scrolling through pictures on Jer's phone tonight, Parker said, "OK, Mom-- that has got to be THE cutest picture I've ever seen!" He was referring to this photo, taken at one of the little shops in China. Sophi was pointing to these glasses and was so happy when I put them on her.


  1. Parker has a good eye for the 'cute'. This may serve him well someday. (wink)

  2. Wow! To check in to five new posts. It has made my Monday, my week, my month. You guys are amazing! We should all make lists of what we love about people in our lives (like you did for each of the kids). We'd all be so much better for it! (Though some lists would take longer to make than others...)


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